Almost Half A Million Texas Children May Lose Health Care At Christmas

Nov 29, 2017

Credit Public Domain

The State of Texas is scrambling to find a way to avoid telling nearly half a million Texas kids that they’ve lost health coverage this holiday season.

As things currently stand, hundreds of thousands of children in Texas will be informed of their lost coverage three days before Christmas.

As The Dallas Morning News reports, Congressional Republicans have yet to renew funding to the CHIP program, which provides healthcare to millions of low-income kids nationwide. While CHIP is a Federal program, it is administered by states.

Thus, it’s up to Texas to find $90 million in its budget to provide for the children.

Texas isn’t alone in its conundrum. Every state, including all High Plains State, will be left in this predicament if Congress doesn’t come through with funding by Dec. 9. Colorado has already sent out a warning to residents of the program’s impending demise.