Colorado Looking To Add Task Force To Address Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations

Nov 6, 2017

Credit CCO Creative Commons

Illegal marijuana operations have begun springing up in rural areas of Colorado following increased crackdown in urban areas, so the state is looking to put together a task force within the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for investigating black market marijuana operations.

As The Cannabist reports, Colorado’s 2018-19 budget includes over $1 million of marijuana tax revenue to be used for assembling the CBI task force, which will assist with investigations into the state’s  black market for marijuana, while providing rural areas with additional resources.

If approved, the proposal would allow the CBI to add eight new hires for the task force, include six investigators, a supervisor and an administrative official.

Two laws were enacted by the state earlier this year - one that lowered residential home-grow caps from 99 plants to 12 plants and one that established a $6 million fund to help reimburse law enforcement operations efforts to curb illegal activity.