Dairy producers accuse Canada of shutting out American milk exports

Apr 10, 2017

Credit Guy Montag / Flickr Creative Commons

Canada’s dairy policies may be hurting rural America,  AgNetWest reports.

In response, some U.S. dairies are lobbying the Trump administration to fight the policies, which they’ve labeled as protectionist.

According to the U.S. dairy farmers, America’s neighbor to the north is not honoring its trade agreements when it comes to milk and cheese, by adding difficulties for American dairy exports.

The complaint comes down to a new Canadian pricing policy known as “Class 7.” American producers say the policy is specifically designed to disadvantage American dairy exporters.

Former USDA chief Tom Vilsack is now President and CEO of the Dairy Export Council. He says “thousands . . . will suffer if Canada persists in using its programs to distort global . . . markets that are critical to tens of thousands of dairy farmers.”