Don't Miss "The Rocky Horror Show" - Live in Amarillo

Oct 30, 2017

Ruth Ellen Lynch (DR. SCOTT); Jacky Lynn Goyette (FRANK N. FURTER ); Jesse Neel (JANET); and Kayla Fuller (RIFF RAFF)…with Jeremy! (Oh, and Jenny from High Plains Morning.)

Thanks so much to the cast of The Rocky Horror Show from RnR Entertainment for stopping by the High Plains Morning studio today! We had a blast hearing about the production, and thanks for giving us a live, in-studio performance. 

For more information about the show and the troupe, read this great article from Chip Chandler at Panhandle PBS. 

The show runs at 10:00 p.m. at RR Bar (701 S. Georgia, Amarillo) on 10/31, 11/2, 11/3, & 11/4. For tickets, you can text 806.341.5141 and request reservations. 

Here's the full interview: