Earthquakes Punctuate A Week Of Upheaval In Oklahoma

Apr 9, 2018

EPA chief and former Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt
Credit Gage Skidmore / Flickr Creative Commons

The state of Oklahoma has had a crazy few days.

First, the most powerful Oklahoman in the Federal Government, EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt, faced mounting outrage over his use of taxpayer dollars to pay for first-class flights and a 24-hour security detail. The secretary also rented a private room from an energy lobbyist in the nation’s capital, for far below market value.

And then there were the state’s teachers, who walked out of schools across Oklahoma in protest of low pay and ten years’ worth of poor funding for education.

Then, to punctuate the political and financial upheaval in Oklahoma, four earthquakes shook the state on Saturday. One was a magnitude 4.6, which rattled the northwestern part of the state and was felt as far away as Missouri.

Perhaps this week will be calmer in the Sooner State, though teachers began week two of their protest today.