Federal Court In Texas Rules Trans Workers Are Protected From Discrimination

Apr 11, 2018

Credit Benson Kua Rainbow / Flickr Creative Commons

A federal judge in Texas has ruled that workers in the Lone Star State cannot be discriminated against based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. As the online political journal The Hill reports, Houston-based judge Lee Rosenthal ruled that all workers in Texas are protected from such discrimination.

The ruling came after a transgender woman brought suit against Phillips 66, claiming that the energy giant refused to hire her based on her gender identity. Judge Rosenthal ruled that the woman could not prove that the discrimination was based on her gender identity, but he did say that she should be able to sue under federal law. This opens the door to similar suits, wherein other plaintiffs who sue might be victorious if they can prove that their workplace misfortunes are based on transgender discrimination.

The trans woman's lawyer said he was glad that this case will hurt help further define how transgender workers are protected in the workplace.