Heads Up, High Plains: Distracted Driving Is Dangerous

May 9, 2018

Keep your eyes on the road, High Plains!

Today on High Plains Morning, we heard from Sonja Gross, Public Information Officer for the Amarillo District of the Texas Department of Transportation. She came on the show to remind us about the very real dangers of distracted driving.

That's any activity that takes your attention away from driving, such as texting and talking on a mobile phone to eating and drinking, putting on makeup, shaving, reading, programming a navigation system, watching a video and even adjusting the radio. 

IMPORTANT: Emergencies happen, but if you NEED to text or call someone immediately, PULL OVER!  Here are a few reminders:--Give driving 100 percent of your attention, 100 percent of the time.--It's safer to pull into a parking lot before diverting your attention to your phone or other activity.--Put your phone away – or turn it off – before getting behind the wheel.--Tell friends, family, and coworkers you won’t respond to calls or texts when driving.--Use a smartphone app that sends auto-reply texts when you’re behind the wheel.  

Learn more about this issue on their website, or click below for our full conversation.