A Look At Colorado's Treasurer Candidates

May 23, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons

There are three Republicans and two Democrats on the June 26 primary ballot for the state’s treasurer job this year. The Denver Post recently published a rundown of each candidate.

On the Republican side is Justin Everett, Polly Lawrence and Brian Watson.

Everett is a state representative who left the Colorado General Assembly to get into the treasurer’s race to advance his hard-line positions on fiscal responsibility.

Polly Lawrence, a small business owner, has vowed to bring more reforms to the state’s troubled pension fund.

And Brian Watson is the CEO of Denver based investment firm Northstar Commercial Partners, which he says makes him the most qualified candidate.

Bernard Douthit and Dave Young are the two Democrats.

Douthit, a small business owner, touts himself as the outsider Democrat in the party’s primary. He has a graduate’s degree in management and finance from MIT.

Dave Young has been a state representative since 2011. If elected, he intends to advocate for fiscal policies that lift up rural parts of the state.