Many Texas Obamacare Customers Confused About Coverage

Mar 28, 2016

Credit Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

While many Texans have signed up for Obamacare in recent years, a new study has found that many of them may not understand what they’ve signed up for, reports CNBC. According to new research, people who get health coverage through their jobs or government-run programs like Medicare are generally familiar with terms like premium, deductible and co-pay. But Texans who buy coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace are less comfortable with these terms.

For example, the report found that more than 30 percent of Texans with individual plans said they were not confident about the meaning of the term "premium." And that could be bad news for Obamacare advocates. Because Marketplace customers who find themselves confused or surprised by unexpected fees are more likely to drop their coverage.

Texas has cut funding to services that would help customers better understand their coverage.