Marijuana Use Among Seniors On The Rise

Sep 27, 2017

Credit iStockphoto

Marijuana use among adults aged 65 and older is rapidly increasing.

As Colorado Public Radio reports, the Centers for Disease Control found that marijuana use among adults over 65 increased more than 300 percent between 2002 and 2014.

And the number of seniors in Colorado holding medical marijuana cards has also risen with 21 percent being over 61 years of age.

But there is still a lot to learn about marijuana use among seniors, so two professors – one from Iowa and one from Colorado - have teamed up to study marijuana use among older adults, using focus groups all over Colorado, asking seniors how, why and how often they consume it, along with a host of other questions. They are also collecting data from older adults who don’t use marijuana and their reasons why.

Dr. Joe Cohen, the man behind “Cannabis 101 for Seniors” says part of the reason more seniors are using marijuana is because of the prevalence of arthritic conditions and neurodegenerative diseases.