MBT Centennial: Mountain Plover

Apr 26, 2016

Mountain Plover
Credit planetofbirds.com

This year, 2016, marks the centennial of the first Migratory Bird Treaty, which the United States signed with Great Britain on behalf of Canada. That treaty and the three that followed — with Japan, Russia and Mexico — form the cornerstones of our efforts to conserve migratory birds, like the Mountain Plover.

The Mountain Plover is full of contradictions. It's a shorebird — but most spend little time at the beach. The word "mountain" is in its name, but it's a native of the shortgrass prairie. They also love to feast on insects, especially during the breeding season, which is helpful to crop producers.


Tammy VerCauteren
Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory
Ft. Collins, CO

Colby Lukassen
Ag Producer
Kimball, NE

Larry Snyder
Project Assistant
Rocky Mtn. Bird Observatory
Kimball, NE

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