MBT Centennial: Sandhill Crane

Mar 28, 2016

Sandhill Crane
Credit Laura Erickson / Cornell University

This year, 2016, marks the centennial of the first Migratory Bird Treaty, which the United States signed with Great Britain on behalf of Canada. That treaty and the three that followed — with Japan, Russia and Mexico — form the cornerstones of our efforts to conserve migratory birds, like the Sandhill Crane.

Lots of High Plains residents have experience with the Sandhill Crane, a bird that departs its Texas and New Mexico wintering grounds late in the winter for its yearly trip to Canada, Alaska and even Siberia to reproduce, one chick per year.


Jude Smith
Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge
Muleshoe, TX

Gary Krapu
Research Biologist
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Ctr.
Jamestown, ND

Grady Grissom
Rancho Largo Cattle Co.
Walsenburg, CO

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