New Oklahoma License Plate Design Draws Criticism

Aug 29, 2016

Credit State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin unveiled the state’s new license plate this month, and some have been critical of the plate’s design.

As News on 6 reports, the new license plate features a starkly-outlined scissor-tailed flycatcher against a light blue background. The scissortail is the state bird of Oklahoma. Some Oklahomans had trouble identifying the bird on the plate, with one interviewee suggesting it was a dove, and another asking if it was a peacock.

Chris Lo, a graphic artist with an Oklahoma design firm, said he didn’t understand the design. He said it's hard to recognize the state bird on the plate. “When they see something they don't understand, they don't get it,” he said, adding: “Then why would you put on it?”

Andrea Maduro, another local designer, disagreed. She said the new plate is fine, people just don't like change.

Governor Fallin said the plate is designed to catch uninsured drivers.