New Study Shows American Perceptions Of Christmas Changing

Dec 24, 2017

Credit CC0 Creative Commons

A new study reveals that American attitudes about Christmas are changing, reports The New York Times.

The survey from the Pew Research Center suggests that Americans increasingly consider Christmas a non-religious holiday.

However, most respondents rejected the notion, popular in Conservative media, that there is a “war on Christmas.”

Ninety percent of Americans said they celebrate Christmas in some form. That number hasn’t changed in recent years. But over half of respondents said they thought the religious elements of the holiday weren’t being emphasized as much as they used to be. However, only one in three said they were bothered by that development.

One dramatic change from recent years: Only 57 percent of Americans now say they believe all of the traditional elements of the Biblical Christmas story. That number is down from 65 percent three years ago.