New Year's Day In Oklahoma Means You’d Better Have A New License Plate On Your Car

Jan 1, 2018


The start of this new year marked the deadline for all Oklahomans to have new license plates on their vehicles. So that means, if you’re driving around the Oklahoma Panhandle on Jan. 2 with one of the old license plates on your vehicle, you could be breaking the law.

According to KOTV, Oklahoma law enforcement officials are warning that the older license plates are easy to spot—and that means if you’re driving around in the new year and haven’t updated your tags, you could be subject to a ticket.

The new license plate is blue and white, with a silhouette of the state bird on it. The state is applying a $5 fee to obtain the new plate, in addition to the usual renewal fees.

The state is offering a grace period to renew the tags without a late penalty through the end of January. But if you don’t renew, and you’re out driving with the old plates, as of Monday you can get a ticket.