Nonpartisan Group Suggests Oklahoma Get Rid Of Party-Based Primary System

Feb 13, 2018

Credit Tom Harper / Wikimedia Commons

A nonpartisan Oklahoma political group has recommended that the state get rid of the current political primary system.

As The Oklahoman reports, the nonprofit Oklahoma Academy suggested that the state move to a system that would pit all candidates against each other in a single contest, rather than the current system that sorts candidates into contests according to party. In this system, the two candidates who received the most votes would move on to the general election, regardless of which party they belong to.

In a state where Democrats routinely get pounded in the general election by Republican candidates, the new system would set up a general contest between the two most viable candidates, and go a long way toward getting rid of primary elections where very few voters turn out. The altered system might also create stronger candidate options for voters to choose from in general elections.