Oklahoma Teachers May Soon Strike

Mar 8, 2018

Credit CC0 Creative Commons

West Virginia teachers had a big win this week after state legislators met demands for a 5% increase for all educators and school administrators statewide.

Now, the next battleground in the teacher pay debate looks to be the state of Oklahoma.

As The Oklahoman reports, state lawmakers have three weeks to approve $800 million in additional public school funding, including money for teacher pay raises, or educators across the state are going to walk off the job.

Teachers in Oklahoma have made national news repeatedly in recent years as some public schools have gone to four-day school weeks, and one teacher was even forced to beg on the side of the road for money to afford school supplies for her students.

The state legislature has had many opportunities to raise teacher pay over the last decade, and every time they have balked. On the day after Easter, Oklahoma’s teachers may show that they've finally had enough.