As Oklahoma Teachers Return To Class, Colorado May Be Next

Apr 19, 2018


This week Oklahoma teachers declared victory after their historic walkout and returned to classrooms. The protests resulted in a pay increase of $6,100 per teacher—the largest such raise in state history.

Educators also won raises for support staff such as cafeteria workers, and state lawmakers agreed to increase funding to Oklahoma public schools by a total $70 million in recurring yearly revenue.

Meanwhile, many teachers in Colorado believe it’s their turn now.

As ABC News reports, scores of educators in the Centennial State left their classrooms this week and arrived at the state capitol in Denver to ask legislators for more funding and higher pay.

The Colorado case is an unusual one, as the state has a Democratic Governor and assembly. All of the other states experiencing teacher unrest in recent weeks have been Republican-controlled states, including West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona and Oklahoma.