With The Rise Of Donald Trump Comes The Ascent Of Female First-Time Candidates In Texas

May 8, 2018

Jana Lynne Sanchez, Candidate in Texas's Sixth District.
Credit ballotpedia.org

Motivated by the rise of Donald Trump, a plethora of first-time candidates have added their names to ballots in Texas--and many of them are women.

As The Guardian reports, these candidates are hoping to ride to victory on what many political observers are predicting will be a blue wave of Democratic voters this November in the Lone Star State.

However, many of these candidates say they can’t simply rely on anti-Trump sentiment to win, and some are carving out their own unique place in the Texas political landscape.

One such contender, Ellis County’s Jana Lynne Sanchez, carries a handgun and wears Texas flag boots. In her campaign ad, she proudly declares, “I’m an entrepreneur, a Christian, a gun owner and a Democrat.” Sanchez is facing off against Republican incumbent Joe Barton, who has held the Texas sixth district for 34 years. But Sanchez believes it’s time for some new blood in Austin, and in the Texas delegation to Washington, which currently only contains three women.

Houston’s Laura Moser agrees, telling The Guardian she doesn’t want her daughter “to grow up in a world where people like Donald Trump are allowed to call the shots.”