Rural Advocacy Group Touts DREAMers' Impacts On Rural Communities

Sep 14, 2017


In a Sept. 7 blog, the Center for Rural Affairs, a rural advocacy group based in Nebraska, makes the case that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – or DACA – recipients stimulate the economies of small towns.

With President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that DACA, which protects individuals who came to this country as children from deportation, will be rescinded, the blog expresses concern for the future of those small towns, like Schuyler, Nebraska, that rely on DACA recipients and other immigrants to sustain their economies.

The blog calls Trump’s decision “damning” and says that congress now has the responsibility to stand opposed to any federal action that would rescind DACA, because robbing DACA recipients of an opportunity to learn, earn and live would be harmful to the country, as a whole; and that it could be debilitating to the communities, like Schuyler, that helped raise them.