Texas Losing Homebuyers At A Lower Rate Than Other States

Oct 30, 2017

Credit CC0 Creative Commons

The Lone Star State has been attracting droves of new Texans each year, newcomers who are attracted to the state’s low tax rates and plentiful sunshine. Meanwhile, Texas has a lower percentage of residents moving away than any other state.

As The Dallas Morning News reports, a new study by the online loan exchange Lending Tree has found that less than 8 percent of Texans applying for home loans had plans to leave the state. By comparison, 24 percent of Vermont residents had plans to move away—the highest percentage of any state.

Other states with high percentages of residents planning to leave include Hawaii, Alaska and North Dakota. The five states with the lowest percentages of borrowers planning to move away were Texas, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

Most of the Texas residents who were moving away had plans to retire in Florida.