Texas Trampoline Parks Remain Unregulated

Oct 4, 2017

Credit Triffis / Wikimedia Commons

In recent years, trampoline parks have become a big favorite of kids. In fact, according to KHOU, trampoline parks have grown into a $300 million industry.

But in Texas, trampoline parks remain unregulated, and that could mean danger for your kids. Texas trampoline parks face no state-enacted safety requirements, no state inspections. And there are no penalties for setting up cheap or dangerous equipment.

Michael Gomez, an attorney in Dallas, says “Anyone . . . [can] open up a trampoline park at any shopping center or warehouse and start bringing in patrons and making money.”

A review of ambulance calls in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex showed 66 emergency calls from trampoline parks last year.

But the number of injured kids is much higher than that, as many children are taken to the hospital by family, rather that riding in ambulances.