Texas Voters Approve Seven Constitutional Amendments

Nov 9, 2017


Texans on Tuesday night voted in favor of seven constitutional amendments.

As The Texas Tribune reports, as of late Tuesday evening, about 85 percent voted in favor of a proposition authorizing tax exemptions for certain partially disabled veterans and their surviving spouses. It was a similar outcome for a proposition authorizing property tax exemptions for surviving spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty.

Almost 70 percent of voters approved a proposition that eases restrictions on borrowing against home equity and allows Texans easier access to their equity.

Less than 6 percent of the state’s 15 million eligible voters turned out for the election, down considerably from the state’s last constitutional amendment election in 2015, when voter turnout was around 11 percent.

Turnout in constitutional amendment elections historically has been low in Texas, with only 1.1 million voters turning out for one held in 2013 and just under 700,000 showing up in 2011.