Trump's Trade Wars Could Hurt Texans

Jun 17, 2018

Credit CC0 Creative Commons

The Trump Administration is threatening a trade war with its closest allies, and the move could hurt Texas Panhandle businesses.

As The Dallas Morning News reports, the White House has pledged to slap tariffs on imports from the Canada, Mexico, and the European Union, with those entities warning that they plan to respond in kind.

Meanwhile, Trump says he will follow through with an additional $50 million dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods, with the Chinese planning to increase levies on incoming U.S. goods in retaliation.

The Texas economy is heavily reliant on trade and thus stands to be hurt as badly as any state.

Said Antonio Garza, the former U.S. ambassador to Mexico: “Even if it’s produced somewhere else in the U.S., it probably comes through Texas in some way, shape or form.”

Mexico is Texas’s biggest trading partner, followed by Canada and China.