West Texas Democrat Says Her Party Abandoned Her

Nov 21, 2016

Credit Mark Makela / Getty Images/The Guardian

An editorial by a rural West Texas woman appeared in the British newspaper The Guardian last week.

The essay by Jane Lindsay was entitled “I am a Democrat in rural, red-state America. My party abandoned us. In her editorial, Lindsay said she understands why people voted for Trump, though she may not agree with their decision. She said rural America has been hurting for a long time, and rural communities need help turning their communities around. There was only one party that paid attention to rural voters this election: the Republican Party.

Lindsay spoke blunty in her essay: “The Democratic party does not care about [rural] issues, our culture or our people,” she said, adding, “Donald Trump came and said he cared. That’s why he won: it is not rocket science.” And unless the Democratic party begins paying attention to rural America, Republicans like Trump will continue to win the rural vote.