What Exactly Are Oklahoma’s Gun Laws?

Feb 26, 2018

Credit Stephen Z / Wikimedia Commons

Oklahoma’s gun laws can be confusing. They shift frequently, and state lawmakers often propose legislation to loosen gun laws.

As the U.S. once again takes up a vigorous debate on the place of guns in society, residents of Western Oklahoma may be wondering: What exactly are the laws in the Sooner State?

As Oklahoma Watch notes, state legislators have never had much of an appetite for making gun laws stricter. As it stands now, public school employees, including teachers, are authorized to carry weapons.

State law also allows private schools to make such decisions on their own. Concealed handguns are not, however, allowed on college campuses, unless they’re kept in a parked and locked car. Open carry of firearms is legal in much of Oklahoma.

However, businesses are allowed to forbid open carry if they post a sign.

Open carry is also forbidden in government buildings, prisons, professional sports events, bars and schools.