Will Harvey Spell The End Of Texas’s Rugged Individualism?

Sep 3, 2017

Texas National Guard soldiers arrive in Houston to aid residents in heavily flooded areas.
Credit Department of Defense

Hurricane Harvey may permanently alter the way the State of Texas operates. As POLITICO reports, the storm may put a serious dent in the Lone Star State’s penchant for rugged individualism.

As has been widely noted, Texas politicians have been quick to deny help to other states after disaster struck. The philosophy in Texas has always been, if you get stuck, get yourself unstuck. But now, after massive flooding, a serious death toll, and rampant destruction left by Harvey, Texans are being forced to reinvestigate their you’re-on-your-own philosophy.

After the storm dumped one trillion gallons of water on the greater Houston area and left 30,000 people homeless, the Lone Star State is starting to wonder if the Federal government may serve a greater purpose after all. Governor Greg Abbott has personally guaranteed that his state will get all the help he can muster from the Federal coffers.