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Our Turn At This Earth: In Search Of Live Water

2 hours ago
Julene Bair

High Plains Public Radio will be re-airing the past year's episodes of Our Turn At This Earth beginning Nov. 22, 2018.

In the meantime, Julene Bair is working on a whole new set of episodes, so stay tuned!

I once read a beautiful definition of a spring:  “a place where, without the agency of man, water flows from rock or soil.” That water can just appear in this way, often in a very dry place, has enchanted me ever since I was a young woman, traveling and camping in the Mojave Desert.

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This week, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly withdrew the nomination of a judge she’d named to the state’s Court of Appeals, after tweets surfaced showing the judge speaking disparagingly about Conservative leaders.

Nine Oklahoma health centers that serve Native Americans could get funding to reduce the spread of HIV.

The national Indian Health Service could get $25 million as part of a multi-million dollar initiative proposed by President Trump to end the spread of HIV in the next decade.

The initiative focuses on seven mostly southern states including Oklahoma, where rural HIV rates are among the highest in the nation, but it's unclear how much money would be focused on the Sooner State.

State officials have agreed to vastly speed up how quickly severely mentally ill people get into treatment after being arrested and will pay millions in fines until they can meet that goal, according to a federal court agreement reached this week between disability advocates and the state Department of Human Services.

The state agreed to eventually move the sickest inmates out of jail and into a hospital within seven days — less sick people will get out of jail within 21 days.

Lemonade stands aren't legal in Texas, but House lawmakers gave a preliminary OK today to a bill that would undo that legislative oversight that's dragged on for 85 legislative sessions.

Andy Wilkinson is a High Plains artist, poet, songwriter, activist, educator, and storyteller—and this weekend he’s performing with the Amarillo Symphony during their 94th season. We hosted him live on High Plains Morning to hear more about the event, as well as his work at Texas Tech.

Having its origin in Central Asia, apples have come a long way. The first apples were a far cry from the big, juicy globes found in produce markets, orchards, and grocery stores. Today’s Growing on the High Plains will peel back the skin of this familiar fruit. From Egypt to Greece to Washington state, we’ll follow the journey and hear a little history, some ancient mythology, and a few crunchy cultural references.

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The Kansas House of Representatives has approved a statewide Medicaid expansion—but the deal isn’t done yet.

Thousands more Oklahoma students were held back in early grades than what the U.S. Department of Education reported, according to newly released state data.


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Irsi Castillo clutches her 3-year-old daughter to her chest to shield her from the wind. They've just crossed the Rio Grande and stepped onto U.S. soil in El Paso, Texas, after traveling from Honduras.

Thousands of migrants like Castillo are crossing the border every day and turning themselves in to the Border Patrol. They're fleeing poverty and violence in Central America.

Jared Kushner's attorney told the House Committee on Oversight and Reform that Kushner uses private messaging applications and personal email to communicate about official White House matters, the committee wrote in a letter to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone on Thursday.

At a speech in Lima, Ohio, on Wednesday, President Donald Trump went off script into a five minute, ad-libbed attack on the late Senator John McCain, a celebrated Vietnam War vet and a former prisoner of war. Lost amid the unusual verbal attack on a deceased war hero by a sitting president was an inaccurate claim about veterans' issues.

President Trump slammed McCain for failing to pass a bill to expand VA services — a bill which in fact was originally sponsored by Senator McCain.

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