Garden City! Don't miss this summertime HPPR Living Room Concert featuring Minnesota folky-tonk duo, Pushing Chain! This will be a foot-stomping fun show, with a little bit of country, some bluegrass, ballads, Americana, roots, folk, and gospel—so bring your friends for this LIVE MUSIC CELEBRATION!


HPPR Studios—Garden City (210 N. 7th St.)

Show at 7:00p CT

Suggested Donation: $15

College graduates are leaving Oklahoma at higher rates than any other demographic group according to the Kansas City Federal Reserve.

Abbott Extends State Plumbing Board Until 2021 After Legislature Abolished It

Jun 15, 2019


Valerie Brown-Kuchera

My teenager will piddle around in the kitchen from time-to-time, although it looks as if she may have inherited my culinary skills. Not too long ago, she made a couple of batches of brownies for an event.  When I asked her why she threw the first batch away, she responded that it had a plastic-y flavor.

“Hmm,” I said.  “I wonder if the flour picked up some of the taste from the canister.” 

“That could be,” Millie replied.  “But I’m thinking it had more to do with the spatula that I baked into it.”

We have taken to referring to that particular dessert as “brownies spatchatori.” 

Why don't you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? The P is silent.

I'm a father. I tell dad jokes.

See that farmer? A man outstanding in his field.

Peter Sokolowski, editor at large of Merriam-Webster, defined dad jokes for us as "an obvious or predictable pun or play on words and usually judged to be endearingly corny or unfunny."

Did you see that documentary about beavers? What a great dam show ...

Capt. Mike Williams

A potential client once asked Capt. Mike Williams to describe hooking, and landing a big shark. Williams, who has spent a lifetime fishing and guiding anglers in the bays and Gulf around Galveston, answered: “It’s like standing on a street corner with a rod and reel and hooking a passing Harley Davidson going 80 miles an hour. I tell my new clients to anticipate the fish fight of their lives, then multiply their expectations by 10, and they will come close to understanding the sheer power of a big shark.

We hope you’ll join us Thursday, June 20, for an open house at the High Plains Public Radio offices in Garden City. (210 North 7th St., Garden City, KS)

We are the site for the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce’s June After-Hours event.

Please come by between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Don’t miss a musical performance by HPPR’s Ruth Ellen Lynch and Stephen Johnson from 5:30-6.

On this week's Colorado Edition, a look at how the "hate state" was transformed into a leader in equal rights. Plus, a look at what happens to a rural community when the young people move away, a program that teaches athlete-level physical conditioning for musicians, and a review of the new movie The Fall of the American Empire.

A Kansas law that caps jury awards for noneconomic damages — things like pain and suffering — violates the right to a trial by jury, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Friday.

“This is huge,” said attorney Thomas M. Warner Jr., who represented Diana K. Hilburn, the plaintiff in the case. “We’ve had these caps on the books since 1986 in Kansas. Basically, the politicians decided that they would be in a better position to determine the amount of damages for noneconomic damages than juries. And so this decision allows juries to make that decision again.”

In late May, Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill to help veterans exposed to open-air burn pits. It would create a state registry of health and exposure information and use it for outreach purposes. Now, advocates and state officials are wondering how — if at all — they’ll share that information with the Department of Veterans Affairs.



Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce After-Hours at HPPR Studios!

Join us Thurs., 6/20 from 5-6:30p (210 N. 7th in GCK)

HPPR Living Room Concert: Pushing Chain—LIVE IN GARDEN CITY

Folky-tonk duo Pushing Chain, LIVE in Garden City

Hear their mix of bluegrass, country, folk, gospel, roots & Americana on 7/19.

What's The Future of Your High Plains Hometown?

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Please Share Your Views On Community Life In The High Plains


Call for Entries: Gallery Exhibit—"Postcards from the High Plains"

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June's featured artist at the HPPR gallery in Garden City is Maria Juana

HPPR's Gallery Space is open during business hours (9a-5p).

Opening reception from 4- 6 pm during First Friday Art Walks.


HPPR To Air ‘TEXAS Outdoor Musical’ On July 4

Two chances to listen: 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (Central) on the Fourth

Navigating Uncharted Waters: HPPR Radio Readers 2019 Fall Read

HPPR Living Room Concerts in Amarillo + Garden City!

Mark your calendars, folks!



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If civilizations are remembered for what they leave behind, our time might be labeled the Plastic Age. Plastic can endure for centuries. It's everywhere, even in our clothes, from polyester leisure suits to fleece jackets.

A Silicon Valley startup is trying to get the plastic out of clothing and put something else in: biopolymers.

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The man is caught on video grabbing a delivery off a porch. What really makes him stand out is the duck. Video shows him picking up the package with his left hand while cradling the duck in his right.

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