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One Small Step Podcast: Episode 2

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In this episode of High Plains Public Radio’s One Small Step podcast, we meet Marian Shaprio and Robert Price.

This conversation was recorded via Zoom, so it should be expected that the quality of the audio you hear may be varied. Marian speaks first from her home in Santa Barbara, California; Robert speaks next from his home in Deerfield, Kansas. Special thanks to Lynn Boitano and Debra Bolton for facilitating these conversations.

Having spent more than 20 years as a broadcaster and audio engineer, Jacob Kuebler joined HPPR in the summer of 2020. When not updating High Plains residents on the current weather conditions, managing station promos, and scheduling special programming, he likes playful games of badminton and hanging out with his four-legged, feline companion Enzo. Jake also helps out with countless projects behind the scenes, where he has been known to drink his weight in bubbly water. He also managed HPPR's One Small Step podcast, curating voices from High Plains residents in conversation to find common ground.