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Melany Wilks is the Book Leader for Made in China by Amelia Pang, 2021


Our next book, Made in China, literally spans the world on the page of a note found in a discount store purchase. An SOS letter detailed the persecution of imprisoned activists and members of a minority group Uyghur by the Chinese Communist Party Government. Forced into hard labor in re-education camps, the store details a situation that feeds American consumerism. This non-fiction book becomes a call to action that urges us to ask more questions and demand more answers.

Melany Wilks

I’m Melany Wilks and my career has panned the globe beginning in Balut Tondo, Manila Philippines where I directed a student ministry and facilitated the public education of 750 students living at the Manila garbage dump. I studied church and school librarianship and literacy through the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary and served as a library coordinator following that.
Those 13 years of practical library experience whetted my appetite to seek a Master of Library and Information Science from San Jose State University which I acquired in 2007. Today, since 2008, I’ve served as the Library Director of Colby, Kansas’ Pioneer Memorial Library. In my spare time, I garden, read, digital scrapbook, and delight in my talkative Calico cat (Prairie Dawn) and lively Jack Russell dog (Gracie).

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