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HPPR Radio Readers Book Club Summer Reading List is Here

Hello, Radio Readers! I’m Jane Holwerda for High Plains Public Radio. And guess what? The 2nd Annual High Plains Public Radio Radio Readers Summer Read kicks off Monday, June 4, with 75 book bytes from Radio Readers throughout HPPR’s region.

After last summer’s amazing success with a Summer Read – remember? Over two dozen books and 17 Radio Readers? – we’ve decided to give a summer reading book series another go. And look at it go: a couple dozen books each selected and presented by about as many Radio Readers! Throughout June and July, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday early mornings and late afternoons, Radio Readers will comment on books they have found meaningful and worthy of sharing, books set in southwestern Kansas, eastern Colorado, California, Appalachia, India; books about water, nature, mental health, church-life, and weather, and of course mysteries and novels. Books about living on the High Plains and books about the lives and worlds beyond! No themes, no gimmicks – all you have to do is say YES to weeks of good reads recommended by those with whom we share in culture and community through High Plains Radio Readers Book Club.

A huge shout-out of gratitude and appreciation to all of you on the roster of book byte contributors for this summer! I am already adding books to my reading list! And, if you are not on the roster, but you’d like to be, all you need to do is contribute a book byte introducing a favorite must-read of your own. Interested? Curious? Then please check out details posted at The Radio Readers Book Club page on HPPR’s website. Radio Readers do want to know what you’re reading and what you think about it!

And you know what? However you join the Summer 2023 Radio Readers Read, whether your summer plans include travel, stay-cation, home-stuff, work-stuff, family-stuff or some combination of stuff, you know, with a book you are always guaranteed some edification, entertainment, and a break from whatever it is that others think you’re supposed to be doing…!

Mark your calendars from June 5 through July 14 for the Radio Readers Summer 2023 Read. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday High Plains Public Radio airs book bytes early mornings and late afternoons. Each book byte is also accessible for replay at HPPR’s website and at The Radio Readers page of Facebook. You can also post and share your responses to each book-byte on Facebook.

Let’s get started, eh? The first book on this reading list is Weather in LA, a quick-witted and humorous novel about a family hoping for rain while trying to decide whether more togetherness or less is what they want and need. Nothing like a drought to bring things to a head, right?

For HPPR’s Radio Readers, I’m Jane Holwerda, from Dodge City, Kansas.

What’s up next on your booklist?

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