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Running with Sherman: The Donkey with the Heart of a Hero by Christopher McDougall

Yes, this story is about a donkey, but author Chris McDougall learns as much about perseverance as he does about animals in this work exploring family, culture and the connections often found between animal and humans. Set in both Pennsylvania Amish country and the mountains of Colorado, readers may be inspired to take up running themselves as the sport plays itself out in McDougall’s family and their Amish and Mennonite neighbors. How does one teach a donkey to run? And, not only run, but to race in the world Championships for donkeys – a call-back to mining days. An entire community comes together to help save Sherman and, along the way, Chris shows us the joy of a life with animals.

Book Leader Bob Seay Discusses Running with Sherman

Bob Seay
Bob Seay

Bob Seay of Lamar, Colorado, is a writer who also teaches band, choir and guitar classes at his local high school. That’s his day job. By night, he posts and rails against the universe on social media at BobSeay.com .Bob is the author of The Band Room, Dad, Drawn to Murder and Portrait of a Murder. In 2016, Bob ran for Congress in a very conservative district. He notes that, “two out of three voters felt that he should continue teaching.”

Radio Reader BookByte Poetry Popups

Radio Reader Jane Holwerda of Dodge City will coordinate Poetry Popups once again. The poetry pairings for Running with Sherman include Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!: An Animal Poem for Each Day of the Year, edited by Fiona Waters and A History of Kindness, by Linda Hogan.

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