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Nelly Korda wins five LPGA events in a row


Five in a row - Nelly Korda inked her name into the golf record books this weekend by winning her fifth straight LPGA Tour event.


She celebrated the two-shot victory in style by doing a cannonball into the pond next to the 18th hole in Houston, as is tradition for every Chevron Championship winner.

KELLY: Love that tradition. OK. Last week we brought you Korda's story and her chase to become only the third player to accomplish the feat. And with a swing that most golfers would die for, Nelly Korda breezed her way past the competition.

SUMMERS: After the tournament, the 25-year-old golfer admitted that she was starting to feel the pressure of keeping that streak alive.


NELLY KORDA: I'm going to enjoy this right now, and then I'll think about that. But, yeah, it's been an amazing time. Hopefully, you know, keep the streak alive.

SUMMERS: Now Korda says she will not be playing in this week's event, which is bad news for fans out in LA who were hoping they would get to see her play for a first-ever six straight wins.

KELLY: Yeah, although it's very good news for the rest of the players who now have a better shot to win.

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