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  • I’m Emilie Moll, editorial assistant for Meadowlark Press, for the High Plains Public Radio summer reading list. Our small, independent press specializes in stories from the Midwest, and today I'll be talking about Bull in the Ring, by Al Ortolani, a Meadowlark Book.
  • This is Linda Allen for HPPR Radio Readers recommending a summer book you won’t regret adding to your stack. Kristin Hannah is a popular author whose novels include “The Four Winds” and “The Nightingale.” As she explains in her author’s note, her recent release “The Women” is a book she had been wanting to write for many years.
  • This is Denise Low, former Kansas Poet Laureate, for High Plains Public Radio Book Club. It is with bitter-sweet pride that I share news that former Kansas resident and author Thomas Pecore Weso, my deceased husband, has won accolades for his 2023 Survival Food: Tales from a North Woods Cook.
  • Tune in to Classical Music Amarillo this week to hear music by Maurice Ravel and Modest Mussorgsky, two composers whose works will be featured at the upcoming Amarillo Symphony concert in September!
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Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio shakes hands with former President Donald Trump during a rally in Delaware, Ohio in 2023. Vance has ties to tech billionaires who are endorsing his vice presidential nomination.
Drew Angerer
Getty Images
Vance, who has become a darling to the Silicon Valley elite, made inroads in tech and venture capital circles during a stint in San Francisco. Now, Vance is tapping that network to supercharge the Trump re-election bid.