Challenge Grants ... offering a win-win challenge to HPPR listeners

Many people listen to HPPR for years without joining as members. Others let years go by without renewing their membership. When asked why, the most common responses are "I just didn't get around to it" or "I didn't think it really mattered".

Over the years HPPR has found that a challenge grant from an existing supporter is the most effective way of providing the needed nudge and making the case that it does matter. A window of time to "double your money" or "trigger an extra $2,500 for HPPR" creates a sense of urgency and adds extra importance to acting now. Seeing that someone else is ready and waiting to generously support HPPR only if another person contributes makes the case that everyone's support is needed.

Here are some key points to consider in offering a challenge grant:

  • Individuals, community organizations, foundations or businesses can offer challenge grants.
  • For businesses in particular, offering a challenge grant is a very effective means of gaining region-wide name recognition and promoting goods and services provided to the community.
  • Challenge grants can be structured in various ways, e.g. dollar-for-dollar matches, a defined dollar match for each contributor responding or an "all or nothing" challenge for a given amount raised or number of people contributing within a fixed time period.
  • Challenge grants can also be focused on gaining new members, renewing lapsed members or increasing membership in a particular geographic area.
  • Challenge grants can be funded in advance with the dollars held in a restricted account until they are matched or they can be paid as the challenge is met.
  • Challenge grants are a win-win for everyone. They draw new and added support to HPPR, greatly leverage the contribution made by the challenger and strengthen public radio service for everyone on the High Plains.

To discuss how you can offer a challenge grant, contact Valarie Smith at or call the studios at 800-678-7444 during business hours. We'd be happy to discuss a challenge grant with you.