Frequently asked questions about HPP membership

You will find answers and information below about frequently asked questions regarding HPPR membership. If your question is not addressed below please contact Brandy Roberts by emailing, or by calling the studios at 800-678-7444 during business hours. She'd be happy to hear from you.

Tax deductibility and record keeping of contributions to HPPR:

If you itemize on your federal tax returns, your membership contribution or other donation to HPPR is tax deductible to the full extent of the tax code. In compliance with IRS regulations, HPPR sends you a statement of your total calendar year contributions by January 31st of the following year. The statement is sent directly to you; we do not report contributions directly to the IRS. A deduction for the fair market value of any thank-you gifts we send you is included in the statement. In most cases, this is far more than HPPR actually pays for the gift, but the regulations require that we calculate the "fair market" value.

For reference, High Plains Public Radio's legal entity is the Kanza Society, Inc. a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the state of Kansas and registered in the state of Texas. The IRS has recognized the Kanza Society, Inc. as a 501(c)3 corporation eligible for tax deductibility of contributions since 1978. It's Federal Employer Identification number is: 48-0859735.

Errors in your membership record or billing:

Let us know right away if we've made a mistake regarding your membership -- a misspelled name, wrong address, duplicate mailing, billing error or anything that needs correction. Please contact either:

When you call or email, it helps speed up the correction process if you can provide your name, address and membership number as it appears on your mailing label. If you are contacting us by mail, please include your mailing label and, if it's a billing error, a copy of your statement and an explanation of the problem.

We want to be sure our membership records are as current and accurate as possible so we appreciate your time in bringing any problems to our attention.

Use of information provided to HPPR:

HPPR keeps the information you provide for your membership private. We do not sell or exchange our mailing list. You can check a box on our online pledge form to give us permission to thank you on the air or on the web; otherwise the information you provide is kept confidential.

Credit card security when pledging on-line:

Our web pledge form is stored and served from a secure server operated by Public Interactive, a web services subsidiary of NPR. This means that each page you view and any information you submit is encrypted on its way between computers. Even in the highly unlikely event your transmission is intercepted, it would not be usable.
Should you still prefer not to provide credit card information over the internet, you can always call HPPR and provide the information by phone at 800-678-7444. Any available staff member will be happy to assist you. You can also join by mail by using HPPR's downloadable mail-in membership form (Word, PDF).

Delivery of thank-you gifts (premiums)

Thank you gifts are mailed within 15 business days of receipt of your pledge payment (or the first month’s payment if making monthly contributions). Occasionally we run out of a particular item. In most cases we will re-order it, but this does cause a delay. Sometimes a re-order is not possible, in which case we will contact you to arrange a substitute gift. If you have any questions about a thank-you gift you are expecting or have received, please contact:

Premiums are just one of the ways we thank you for your support. Year-round public radio listening is what your dollars really give back to you and your community.

Duplicate mailings:

If you are receiving duplicate mailings please let us know so we can save you the annoyance and save HPPR the expense, so more cents can go into programming service. Sometimes we don’t catch the name variations or multiple names in a household that should be consolidated into a single membership record and mailing. We also secure mailing lists from other sources in a continuing effort to bring in new members and sometimes don’t succeed in culling out all the names of existing members. Your assistance in letting us know of duplications and needed record changes is very much appreciated. Please contact:

Any and everything else:

If you ever have any question about any aspect of membership in High Plains Public Radio please contact Brandy Roberts  by emailing her or calling the studios at 800-678-7444 during business hours. She'd be happy to talk with you.