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Holiday special programming

Feed your Radio, Feed a Family


During this fall’s HPPR membership drive from October 11th to October 19th you can support both public radio and your local food bank with a single contribution.  HPPR has partnered with local sponsors and area food banks on this joint program to feed both the mind and the body.  For every pledge made to HPPR during the on-air drive, sponsors of our special “Feed your Radio, Feed a Family” fund will contribute a 4.4% match to local food shelters.  That can add up to total of $3,500 if HPPR reaches its goal for the on-air drive.

All you have to do is make your pledge to HPPR as usual and the match for area food banks will be made by the special sponsors.  HPPR will receive the support it needs to keep quality public radio programs on the air across the High Plains and, in turn, your pledge will help food banks across the region bring food to the table for our local children and families in need.

Here are some questions and answers providing more details about this special partnership project:

Who are the sponsors?

Regional businesses and individuals have stepped up and given additional support to HPPR this fall for this project.  They are doing what they do best, serving as a catalyst for philanthropy and helping to leverage as much support as they can for HPPR and our local food banks.  The special sponsors are:


Commerce Bank of Garden City and Hays, offering personal, business, home and ag loans to meet your needs.  On the web at commercebank.com.  Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender.


Keller Leopold Insurance, a locally owned, full-service independent insurance agency with offices in Garden City, Cimarron, Dodge City, Bucklin, Elkhart and Syracuse.


Scheopner’s Water Conditioningof Garden City, serving all your water needs in Southwest Kansas since 1979.

Anonymous Donor, a generous HPPR supporter giving additional money for the “Feed your Radio, Feed a Family” fund to match your pledge to support your local food shelter.

Which food banks benefit from this program?  Since High Plains Public Radio serves a large geographic area, we are partnering with four regional food banks that supply local food-providing organizations serving every county of HPPR’s coverage area in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.


Kansas Food Bank:  Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas Food Bank serves530 hunger-relief partners in 85 counties in Kansas with over 11 million lbs. of food distributed in the past year.   Financial donations make the largest impact.  Every $1 donated allows the food bank to provide up to $10 worth of food to hungry Kansans. For every dollar given to the Kansas Food Bank, 97¢ goes directly to feeding families.

High Plains Food Bank.JPG

High Plains Food Bank:   Headquartered in Amarillo, the High Plains Food Bank serves over 165 agenciesin 29 counties in the Texas Panhandle and delivered 6.2 million pounds of food in 2011.Every $1 given to the High Plains Food Bank makes it possible to continue the fight to end hunger.  In fact, because of the way the food bank accesses food, it can stretch your dollar 11 times farther.  For every dollar given to the High Plains Food Bank, 93¢ goes directly to feeding families.


Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma:   In Fiscal Year 2012 the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma distributed 42.2 million pounds of food and product through a network of nearly 1,000 partner agencies and schools throughout 53 central and western Oklahoma counties.  The food bank’s administrative costs are below four percent, which means 96¢ of every dollar donated helps to directly provide food to Oklahomans in need.


Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado:  Headquartered in Colorado Springs, the Care and Share food bank distributes food throughout southern Colorado.  For each dollar received Care and Share provided the equivalent of approximately eight meals to individuals and families in need of a helping hand.  Of each dollar received, 95 cents supports food acquisition and distribution with only five cents going towards fundraising and administrative costs.

Will I be donating to the food bank or to HPPR?

Your entire donation will go to HPPR.

If all my money goes to HPPR, how will the regional food banks receive their 4%?

HPPR has partnered with local businesses and individuals to create a special “Feed your Radio, Feed a Family” fund.  When you pledge your support it will be matched at a rate of 4.4% by these fund sponsors.  For example, when you pledge $100 HPPR will receive $100 and $4.40 will be given by the sponsors to the regional food banks.

How will the food banks know what food shelters to support?

During the fund drive, HPPR will keep a tally of membership contributions from each county.  At the end of the drive this county total will be matched at a rate of 4.4% by the sponsors.  The regional food banks will then be sent a check with details on how the funds should be distributed to local food bank related organizations in each county.  This county-level distribution list will also be available for review at this website, hppr.org.

Q: Will I be added to the mailing lists of those food banks and receive solicitations from them?

No. HPPR does not share the personal information of our donors with other organizations and we will not be sharing any donor information with the food banks.

Q: How can I be sure the Food Banks will use this donation for food?

These food banks maintain very high ratings by Charity Navigator.  On average, 95 cents of every dollar donated supports programs that help children and families facing hunger. That means just 5 cents of every dollar is used for things such as administrative costs and food transportation.  As members of Feeding America, the nation’s largest charitable hunger-relief organization, these food banks follow guidelines put forth by Feeding America and their operations are monitored to ensure they meet the highest standards of charitable food distribution.