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Following 37 years of tradition, High Plains Public Radio offers listeners across the High Plains a schedule of wonderful programing of music, word and memories from across centuries of holiday traditions. Each of the programs is profiled below and includes links to further information, playlists, printed programs and options to listen anytime on-line. We at HPPR wish you a very Happy New Year. And we hope these program offerings add to your enjoyment, reflections and memories.To download a printable calendar of all the programs, click here.

New Year's Day Live from Vienna: Friday, Jan 1 at 10 am CT

The Vienna Philharmonic presents its ever popular annual New Year's Day concert from the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna. You'll hear your favorite waltzes, polkas and more -- a festive way to start off the New Year. It's presented by NPR Music and hosted by WBUR's Lisa Mullins.