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The Battle of Adobe Walls: Production Begins This Fall

Randall Derrick

June, 1874

The second Battle of Adobe Walls begins.

Chief Quanah Parker, one of the sons of captured white woman Cynthia Ann Parker, has been convinced by the tribe's medicine man his warriors are immune to enemy bullets.  They attack the Adobe Walls trading post, defended by buffalo hunters.  The medicine man was wrong.  Survivors include Parker and a crack shot by the name of William "Billy" Dixon. 

Sounds like a movie plot?  It does to a couple of Lubbock, Texas, friends- R. Lee White and Brad R. Smith.  Hispanic Business reported the pair has been working for the last five years to tell the story of not only the battle, but the story of Parker and Dixon- before and after the battle.   Smith said, "This is a piece of Texas history.  We want this to be a Texas project, filmed in Texas, and using as much cast and crew from Texas as possible."

Production is set to begin this September.