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The gossip on states

Side-by-side Kansas and Colorado were ranked first as having “the worst” and “the most beautiful” scenery in the country, respectively, according to a recent poll by Business Insider.  It is not clear whether eastern Colorado was considered part of Kansas or Colorado by the poll respondents.

Kansas can take some solace in receiving more votes for most beautiful than Nebraska, Oklahoma or Texas, all of whom received almost none.  Nonetheless, Kansas governor Sam Brownback was quick to take exception.  An article in the Kansas City Star quoted him as saying, “Kansas has some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. Our prairies and hills, our sunflowers and our history that is visible across this state is truly beautiful. I respectfully disagree with the poll.”  He also posted a Facebook photo album of some of his favorite views of Kansas.  No comment on the poll by Colorado governor John Hickenlooper has been found in the press.

Texas also figured prominently across many of the poll’s questions.  It ranked near or at the top for nicest, rudist, most arrogant, craziest, weirdest, drunkest, least favorite, best food, most overrated and most liked to see kicked out of America. Along with New York and California it drew the strongest views.

The poll surveyed 1603 Americans who were asked to rate the states, excluding their own, on a range on attributes.  The original Business Insider story can be found here.  The Kansas City Star also collected is own album of photos submitted by readers entitled “Kansas is NOT ugly”.