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Disco Dinosaurs? Dancing May Have Been a Part of Dino Life


When you think of dinosaurs you probably don’t think of the jitterbug. But a new study claims that the ancient creatures were, in fact, known to cut a rug. According to redorbit.com, dinosaurs danced to impress potential mates and as a way of scaring off enemies.

How do scientists know this? Researchers discovered large scrapes at several Cretaceous sites located throughout Colorado. The scrapes were discovered in areas where dinosaurs were known to gather in search of mates. The scientists concluded that the marks were made by large, carnivorous dinosaurs like raptors and tyrannosaurs. There were similarities between these marks and those made by courting birds. Dinosaurs eventually gave rise to birds, and birds are well-known for their courtship dances.

One scientist compared the find to a “fossilized... disco floor.”