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On the Kansas Prairie, A New Use for an Old Building

CJ Janovy

There’s a strange sort of art gallery in the Kansas town of Volland. Inside, the gallery is pretty much like any other. Art and photography hangs from the walls, and visitors wander among the offerings munching cheese cubes. It’s when you go outside that things get really interesting, reports KGOU. The gallery isn’t on Main Street or tucked into the back of a coffee shop. This art gallery is surrounded by the vast spaces of the Kansas prairie.

The redbrick building sits in the middle of ranch lands in rural Wabaunsee County. And Volland isn’t so much a town as an intersection of two roads. The owners, Patty Reece and her husband Jerry, say they were out for a drive when they came upon this odd building in the middle of nowhere.

They restored the weather-beaten structure, and hundreds of people showed up for opening weekend. Now visitors have another cool reason to visit the Flint Hills of Kansas.

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