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A Starry Startup in Lamar: An Interview with Galaxy Gallery

For local art that's truly out of this world, check out the new Galaxy Gallery in Lamar, Colorado. I had a chance to catch up with the gallery's owners/arts advocates, Vincent Gearhart and Robert Townsend. HPPR wants to thank them for spending time with us on the phone as we discussed their new space and how it serves the community of Eastern Colorado. 

Galaxy Gallery has been open now for about a year now, and it's located at 108 North Main Street in Lamar, Colorado. It features talented local artists from Lamar and other surrounding cities, with plenty of stellar handmade work. You can visit during business hours, or check them out online. If you have any other questions or comments, give Vincent or Robert a call at 791-691-0785.
Plus, here's a link to our full interview: