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Famed Animal Scientist Temple Grandin To Speak At WTAMU

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As part of its Distinguished Lecture series, West Texas A&M will welcome Temple Grandin to speak on both autism and animal science on Tuesday.

Dr. Grandin first gained prominence after publishing a scientific article in which she presented the idea that livestock are sensitive to small details within their environments—and that tailoring their environment to feel less threatening can improve the lives of livestock, and in turn improve the taste of beef and other meats.

Today, half the cattle in the U.S. are handled in facilities designed by the esteemed scientist. Dr. Grandin brings her own experience as an autistic person to her work, allowing her to see the world in a different way than many other animal scientists would.

She has been featured in the New York Times and in the BBC special, “The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow.” Ten years ago, Grandin was portrayed by Claire Danes in the HBO motion picture entitled “Temple Grandin.”

The lecture will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Jack B. Kelly Student Center’s Legacy Hall, on the campus of West Texas A&M University.