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Looking Back with Gratitude: NPR's Satellite Distribution System

Chapter Four

How Does It Work? In an early issue of “KANZAN, the Guide to Community Radio for Southwest Kansas”, readers were treated to an explanation – “Here’s How It Works”. A reminder -  FM radios were not standard equipment in cars in 1980.

The most distant signals come to KANZ via National Public Radio’s satellite distribution system. Programs are beamed up 23,000 miles to the Westar Satellite, which are then beamed back to earth where KANZ’s Satellite Receiving Dish and sent to the On-Air Control Room. There they are converted to a microwave signal and beamed from Pierceville to a receiving antenna and sent down to the transmitter where it is converted to KANZ’s frequency of 91.1 megahertz, amplified and sent back up the tower to the transmitting antenna. From there it radiates outward to your radio. Directions were also given on how to improve reception, including adding an outdoor antenna.How are you listening to HPPR? 

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