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Tough as Funk: New Song Honors Amarillo Pro-Wrestler Terry Funk

"Tough as Funk" (CD Cover) & "Beautiful" Bruce Swayze (with Bonnie!)

If you're from Amarillo, you most likely know the name "Terry Funk"—a local legend among many of the professional wrestlers from his family. Writer and friend Bonnie Swayze, penned a song about Terry, so we chatted with her—and her husband, Beautiful Bruce Swayze.

A big thanks to "Beautiful" Bruce Swayze and his wife Bonnie Swayze for their time today on High Plains Morning. We talked about the song Bonnie wrote in tribute to Amarillo-area pro-wrestling legend, Terry Funk. The track, "Tough as Funk," was recorded in Kentucky by their friend, Tony Stampley.

Click the button at the top of this page to hear our full interview about Terry, how pro-wrestling has changed, and why they both wanted to honor their good friend. To access a sample of the song and to purchase it, click here.