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Today is Public Radio Music Day!


Thanks to everyone who supports this station and BRINGS LIFE to our airwaves across the High Plains through PUBLIC RADIO MUSIC programming!

Preservation isn’t always about museums and artifacts. High Plains Public Radio works hard to protect and secure access to the best music possible: folk, Americana, jazz, blues, singer-songwriter, Western Swing, international music and more. As your HPPR Music Director, I want to thank YOU, our member-listeners and financial supporters, for helping us keep the music ALIVE AND KICKIN’ on the High Plains. Your regional DJs work hard to introduce HPPR’s unique, widespread audience to music that would otherwise be forgotten or lost – preserving great taste, variety, and discovery…THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT. Our creative hosts on HPPR ensure that you never get bored with the music you hear on this station. Today is PUBLIC RADIO MUSIC DAY, and we honor the commitment of all the regional DJs that carefully curate their playlists JUST FOR YOU! So here’s to HPPR’s regional DJS—Brother T-Bone, Mike Fuller, Steve Johnson, Valarie Smith, & David Waddle — dedicating their time, talent, and energy to PUBLIC RADIO MUSIC! Learn more about the NonComm Music Alliance here, and thank you for supporting HPPR’s music programming!