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Affordable Care Act: Enrollment Period Nearing, Confusion Rising


As October 1 is just a few weeks away, there seems to be even more confusion about the Affordable Care Act than ever.  According to a recent KUT article, it’s not only consumers who are perplexed by the program, but medical providers are too.

Dr. Stephen Brotherton is the president of the Texas Medical Association.  He says, "In fact, I’m not sure Secretary [Kathleen] Sebelius knows what’s going to happen Oct. 1. But something’s going to happen and it’ll be most likely unprecedented." 

Brotherton also is concerned about inadequate coverage.  “Coverage and access are not the same thing," he said. "You can have a policy, but if it’s below your doctor’s break even point to keep his office open he’s not going to accept that."

What does the Affordable Care Act offer?  Erica Gammil is an organizer with the nonprofit Enroll America.  She says it’s basically a website where consumers can shop for and compare insurance plans- kind of like the travel site Orbitz. 

Consumers can begin shopping for health coverage beginning October 1, but it’s not mandated until January 1.  You can find information about the coverage available in your state at healthcare.gov.