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The best coffeehouse in the region is in the Texas Panhandle


Palace Coffee Co. won the regional competition of America’s Best Coffeehouse in St. Louis recently according to a recent article from the Amarillo Globe-News

Patrick Burns is the owner of Palace Coffee Co. in Canyon, Texas.  He credits the win to his barista team: Andrew McCasling, Kevin Friemel, and Rob Reagan. 

The victory puts Palace into the National Championship of America’s Best Coffeehouse.  That competition takes place this fall in Portland, Ore.  The top prize is $10,000.

The three man team is judged on performance as barista, bar back, as well as greeter and cashier.  Drinks are made for trade show attendees and judges.  A specialty drink is also offered during the contest. 

Burns says the judges were blown away by his team.

“They were just unbelievable to watch. We love creating an environment and really helping our customers have a good time. The fact that our guys are back there kind of dancing while making coffee and talking to customers, that’s just who these guys are,” Burns said.

Andrew McCasling is the team’s director of coffee education, training and quality control.  Kevin Friemel manages the Canyon Palace.  Rob Reagan will manage the soon-to-open Amarillo shop.

Burns plans on opening a new Amarillo location next week in the Paramount Building on S. Polk Street.