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Uber, Lyft and Tesla twist the Texas idea of business; and other stories

Tesla Motors

Getting legislative permission to do business: an analysis
Sometimes innovation in new technologies or new ways of doing business runs into hurdles in the form of regulation, and that's no exception in Texas, as the Texas Tribune reports.Find analysis hereweighing the advantages of innovation versus the proven ways of traditional business, including examples such as Tesla Motors. And here, find details about a case in point out of Austin, where the upstart car-for-hire services Uber and Lyft are fighting for the right to do business in the city while traditional cab companies prefer competitors who play by the same rules. Uber recently started doing business in Amarillo.

Senate dispute delays ballot printing in Kansas
A court case disputing whether Kansas Democrats must place a new candidate on the ballot for Senate is delaying ballot printing here, creating headaches for local election officials, who usually have the ballots ready to be sent out the door by now, reports Kansas Public Radio.

The Democratic ballot for the Senate seat is empty after Chad Taylor dropped out of the race. The withdrawal leaves Republican Pat Roberts and independent Greg Orman the top two candidates.

Kansas to share suicide and homicide data with CDC
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has received a $970,000 grant from the CDC aimed at preventing violent death, including suicide and homicide, allowing Kansas to share data with the National Violent Death Reporting System. Normally, only law enforcement data is available to that database, which provides incomplete information. More from the Kansas Health Institute.